Daniel Vincent (daaaan) wrote in brainwashedcom,
Daniel Vincent

mrs.vee recordings - a not-so-new netlabel

mrs.vee recordings is now a netlabel on archive.org

mrs.vee recordings champions intelligent rock, drone, ambient and electronica in the way it should be - giving serious air time for deserving musicians who know exactly what they are doing but keep pushing their talents with the kind of experimentation that's so often a rarity these days.

We believe that great music simply deserves to be heard and so most mrs.vee recordings releases are available to download for free; but knowing that music fans are also collectors we produce limited run special editions of many releases both as CD-R productions with unique artwork and in ultra collectable vinyl pressings delivering the very best audio qualities.

Please visit www.archive.org/details/mrs-vee-recordings to access new download EPs by The Resonance Association, The 3rd Fire, and more.

One of our current highlights is the Unite EP - a taster of the The Resonance Association's second album "We Still have The Stars" which is due this autumn. Combining progressive rock, electronics, krautrock and a skewed pop sensibilty, the Unite EP features tracks from throughout the band's short career and offers an insight into their forthcoming release (which will also be released for free!)

Coming soon...

The 3rd Fire - (tbc)
Karma Pilot - An New Career (2008 remaster)
The Resonance Association - We Still Have The Stars
unEL - unEL EP
mrs.vee recordings - Winter Collection 2008

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